Ouroboros Necklace / Snake Necklace / Snek Necklace

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A symbol of renewal and of the endless circle of life, the ouroboros is usually depicted as a snake or dragon eating its own tail. This particular version wearing a crown is based on medieval illustrations. I've always had a love/hate with snakes - I love them in theory, but surprise snakes pretty much break me. Anyway, wear these cute sneks to remind yourself to be resilient because life is circular. 


  • The snake pendant of this necklace is made from thin lasercut acrylic.
  • The chain is sterling silver-filled. 
  • The snake measures about 1.5 inches in diameter. 
  • This ouroboros necklace comes packed in a gift box. 

P.S. This snake is also available as earrings and as a pin