A Christmas Playlist for Grinches

Pink Flocked Santa. Photo Credit: Auntpeaches.com


Ok, headline aside, this is not *really* a playlist for Grinches, but more for the Grinch-adjacent. I have been a hater of Christmas songs for a long time. The reason being not inborn crankiness (though I have that, too), but rather the fact that I worked for many years in the hellscape known as Retail at Christmas. No matter what company I was repping, I had to listen to the same 20 Christmas songs over and over for a couple of months every year. And because I'd heard every cover of the same few songs, over and over, I thought that was all there was to Christmas music except maybe a couple gospel songs I'd missed. "Santa Baby," "Silver Bells," etc. ad nauseam only brought to mind cranky customers and long lines and not gingerbread houses and whatever other pleasant things the non-retail scared public thinks of when they hear "Last Christmas."

Until last year that is, when I challenged myself to make a Christmas playlist that even a haterade drinker like myself could enjoy. And though I thought it was probably impossible, I was delighted to discover that there were loads of Christmas songs I'd never heard! I thought after toiling in the Christmas mines, I'd been subject to all the noels that that ever been noeled, but I was wrong! And this year, I've decided to (oops!) do it again à la Britney. 

I have been testing and tweaking this playlist for the last couple days and I think it's finally ready for primetime. It's an eclectic mix, with some surf rock by the Urban Surf Kings, there's an El Vez entry (covering "Feliz Navidad"), there's some post-punk via The Jacobites and a soulful entry by William Bell. And there is some NSFW material by both the legend Clarence Carter and Brittlestar, but since many of us our toiling away at home this year of the coronavirus, hopefully the blue lyrics don't get you put on the naughty list. 

Listen, enjoy and stay safe and healthy for the rest of 2020! As always, tell me what you think in the comments! As a fully opinionated person, I am always interested to hear other opinionated folks opine on my creations. 



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