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Kaelen Van Cura in studioArt is important. It can seem counterintuitive to say that at this point in our history because there are so many urgent and terrible crises going on in the world. But it’s true. Without art and artists to dream up and create that art, there would be no movies, music, dance, fashion or jewelry. The world would be a far sadder and duller place. Art affords us little pockets of joy during our day –like being entertained after work watching a new tv show; a favorite album making the long drive home a little more tolerable; feeling excited about wearing a new outfit, a novel broadening your outlook, or sharpening your critical faculties with a trip to the museum. Love of art and artists is why Darling Marcelle exists – to make wearable art for artists and creative folks that is in turn inspired by art.

 Darling Marcelle is inspired by art and artists because you make the world a better, more beautiful, and happier place. Darling Marcelle jewelry is eclectic – taking cues from everything from abstract artists such as Maya Hayuk and Mary Heilmann to anonymous graffiti artists scribbling under the highway. I believe in making statement jewelry that is creative, playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously - because if you’re going to wear jewelry, you may as well have fun while you’re at it. And as the inimitable Iris Apfel said, “when you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” That’s where Darling Marcelle comes in –to provide you with bold statement jewelry that expresses your creative spirit.


About the Artist

 My name is Kaelen Van Cura, the maker behind Darling Marcelle. I originally went to art school to be a fine artist – an abstract painter specifically, but I was always really into expressing myself through fashion. (At age 11, much to the horror of my parents, I wore purposely loud clashing clothes for all of fifth grade.) I loved how changing my outfit, changed how people treated me and I loved trying on different personas. And I especially always loved how a single accessory could entirely change a look. So, after many years splitting my time between boring office jobs during the day (where I’d often get hassled about my wardrobe choices) and making art on the evenings and weekends, I saved up enough to strike out on my own selling my own designs and I’ve never looked back.