Kaelen Van Cura portraitAs the inimitable Iris Apfel said, “when you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.” I agree – I think changing your outfit can change your whole outlook on life. Darling Marcelle accessories are made for people who aren’t afraid to stand out and express their inner fire. And when you feel good about the way you are dressed, you stand up taller and move through your day with more confidence, which makes all the difference.


My name is Kaelen Van Cura.  I started Darling Marcelle because I wanted to have more fun getting dressed. I’ve always loved expressing myself through fashion and in art school, I spent almost as much time devising my next look as I did painting. I especially always loved how accessories could totally change an outfit. Years later, when I couldn’t find the spectacular accessories I dreamed of, I used the skills I learned in art school (along with some new ones) and started making jewelry and hair accessories myself.  

A few facts about me:

 • Croatia was the first country I ever visited outside the US.
 • I have a separate stomach for fancy cocktails.
 • I live and work in Richmond, California with my husband,     my cat and my dog.