Silver Glitter Abstract Earrings on Model Silver Glitter Abstract Earrings on Model

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"When you don't dress like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else." - Iris Apfel

Looking like everyone else is boring. So how about something different?

At Darling Marcelle, we believe you should be able to wear whatever you want, and not just because it's in style. We think you should wear what makes you feel like YOU—and that includes wearing earrings that stand out and make people curious about who you are.

So we've created an eclectic collection of jewelry - from lightweight graffiti earrings and colorful drip necklaces to cat butt pins - that will help you have more fun getting dressed.

We take a unique approach to our jewelry: each piece is designed and handmade in sunny Richmond, California using quality materials, and the result looks like no other jewelry out there. We put an emphasis on quality over quantity, so you'll always get a product that's high-quality and long-lasting—and one that will be your new favorite accessory for years to come!

And because we think that it's important to give back to the community that we live and work in, a portion of the proceeds of every piece sold goes to Richmond's Ryse Youth Center.

meet kaelen

Hi! My name is Kaelen Van Cura (she/ they) and I'm the founder of Darling Marcelle. Everything you see on this site was designed and created by me on the edge of the Bay Area in Richmond, California.

I originally went to art school for abstract painting, but I always loved dressing up and so I eventually started using my artistic powers to decorate people instead of walls.

When not making jewelry, I enjoy hanging out with my husband Nathan and chiweenie Chester, sewing clothes for myself and trying (and usually failing) to bake the perfect macaron. (Shakes fist.)

Kaelen Van Cura shown with blue hair and pink earrings


Original Design

Jewelry pieces start with a sketch - usually in pencil , like this one for the possum earrings.

Jewelry Assembly

Once the design is finalized and laser-cut, each piece is assembled and finished by hand.

Blonde woman modeling a necklace for a photographer.
Model Photoshoot

Before new designs can be released, we photograph them on models.

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