Our First Monthly Playlist!

Photo by David LaChapelle for Happy Socks

Do you like discovering new music? I do and I'm always looking for new trusted sources of good tunes and I thought I'd love to share what I've been listening to with you. 

Music has been a big part of my life since I was young. My earliest faves were Michael Jackson and John Mellencamp (obviously my tastes have always been diverse, ha).

Like clothes and accessories, music was an art that felt like a way to define myself. I always felt on some level that if I could just find the right outfit - and the right album - that I would be more completely myself. Although I love art, movies and books as well, they never felt like they had the same powers.  Art, film and literature help me think in new ways and escape to new worlds, but they have never seemed to have the self-defining properties that music or a new look. 

For my first Darling Marcelle playlist, I made one full of some of my favorite women musicians who have been on repeat while I work, such as Cherry Glazerr, The Regrettes and Courtney Barnett. 

I'll be publishing a new playlist every month, so if you want to make sure to keep in the loop, subscribe to get our emails here. (And you'll also get a code for free shipping for your next order as a thank you 💃🏻)

So, here's our first playlist! Enjoy!

xo Kaelen

 P.S. Comment below on what you want to hear next month!

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