Cool for Cats aka The March Playlist

Cat throne from the movie Peau D'Ane

In the Beginning

I originally curated this cat-themed playlist for February to accompany my newest animal jewelry for the Bestiary Collection, which was possums. Even though I was promoting possums, that I'd release a cat-themed playlist, because I assumed that there wouldn't be enough good possum  songs to go along with the release. Just as I was about to release the playlist, I thought, I had better double-check and make sure there really weren't many possum songs. A quick Google search showed me my assumption about the dearth of possum songs was wrong. Very wrong. There were more than enough songs about possums to fill a playlist, so I had to scramble to change plans.

Model wearing black cat earrings

Cat "Stuff"

Although I am a longtime lover of cats (and until recently, a cat mom) I really never liked cat "things" until I started making my cat jewelry (except for the cat throne pictured above. I would trade my house for that cat throne.) Cat paintings and tchotchkes and the like always seemed overly cute and saccharine and I'm not really a fan of sweetness unless there's a contrasting bite - like something 90% sweet and 10% rude or weird. I think -hope - that my cat jewelry goes in that category (no pun intended - for real, I hate puns). I was originally inspired to make my cat design after years of seeing my cat and friends' cats clean their nether regions at most unappetizing moments, like during (human) dinnertime. Originally, I just designed the cat jewelry for my own amusement because I assumed that no other person would want to wear a cat licking its butt. As it turns out, I was very wrong because my cat earrings, pins and necklaces continue to be bestsellers - a fact that makes me endlessly happy - because I love finding kindred weirdos. 

 Cool for Cats

And so for my kindred cat folk, I present to you (below) songs to listen to that happen to be about cats, but are also Very Good Songs. Because, if you're going to listen to music, it should be good and despite loving themes, I won't listen to a playlist if it's full of clunkers. This playlist is certified excellent cat music. It's named after one of my fave cat songs, "Cool for Cats" by Squeeze, but it's also got tunes by the likes of Johnny Cash, Digable Planets, The Cure, The Kinks and lots more. Meow!

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