Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Artists and Creative Folks

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Being in a relationship with a creative person is great in a lot of ways – creative people are fun! They do things like go dancing in laundromat-slash-clubs at night, take classes on molecular mixology and nibble on lotus seed snacks. The not-fun thing is figuring out how to get a Valentine’s Day gift for your decidedly non-basic person. Your cut-and-paste idea from previous relationships of some baby-breath laden roses and a box of Russell Stover’s is probably not going to bring out your beloved’s heart-eyes. As a creative person myself who has been told she’s difficult to shop for, I feel like I’m an expert on this topic. As my gift to all you lovers of artistes like myself, I have assembled this list of possible gifts your creative person is sure to adore.These Valentine’s Day gifts are arranged by least expensive to most. And since I’m a small biz person myself, to to put my money where my mouth is, most of these gifts are made by American small businesses.


1. Letterpress Valentine’s Day Greeting Card $5

Even if you're not planning on getting your special someone a gift, a greeting card is pretty much mandatory unless you're planning on a romantic evening of one-word answers and side-eye. These letterpress cards by CoffeeNCream Press are inventive, funny AND made in San Francisco. 

CoffeeNCream Press Stole My Heart CardCoffeeNCream Pizza Valentines Day Card 

2. Artful Enamel Pins $10

Maybe you just started dating and you don't want to scare your new potential partner with an over-the-top display of your ardor, maybe dinero is a little scarce or perhaps the V-Day isn't a big thing in your relationship. Whatever the reason, you can still give your sweetie a little token of your affection with one of these cute enamel pins. These pins were all designed by artists and are sure to please the creative person in your life. 

Good Things Ahead Infinity Enamel PinHeart Enamel Pin

3. Personalized Mixtape Poster $18+

If you or your sweetheart were born sometime during the previous millennium (R.I.P. my youth), you may have partaken in the glorious rite of passage known as making a mixtape for someone. Spending hours recording the perfect combination of songs from the radio and one's own collection and then gifting your musical creation to your crush was definitely a thing when I was growing up. Show your music-loving honey how much you care with a thoughtful gift of this nostalgic poster that you can have customized with your own message.  

Personal Mixtape Poster

4. Box of Brazilian Chocolates 20+

Is your darling a lover of the sweeter side of life? These chocolate treats might be just the ticket to their heart and/or taste buds. These chocolates aren't just your run of the mill grocery store candies - these are special Brazilian chocolate desserts called brigadeiros. Zeila, the Brazilian-born owner of Brigadeiro Sprinkles defines them thusly, "Brigadeiro (brea-gah-day-ro) is the most beloved dessert from Brazil, traditionally made with condensed milk and cocoa. It is a mouth-watering treat with a consistency between caramel and a truffle." Even better, a box of these delicious and beautiful chocolates (made in San Francisco) will only run you about $20. 

Brigadeiro Valentines Day Chocolates


5. DIY Embroidery Kit $25

Is your sweetie's happy place the craft room? Tickle their crafty fancy with one of these cute DIY Embroidery Kits. These kits come with everything  needed to create a sewn masterpiece (except the crafty fingers). 
California Embroidery Kit
Flower Embroidery Kit

6. Minimalist Leather Wallet $35

For the accessory lover, this sleek leather wallet makes an exquisite gift. Hand stitched in San Francisco from American leather, this wallet keeps the wearers cards and cash organized in style. And at $35, this is a steal because this handmade beauty looks WAY more expensive, so get the benefit of having your sweetie think you spent more than you did on Valentine's Day.  

Minimalist Leather Wallet

7. Wooden Wick Soy Candle $37

Give the gift of a romantic atmosphere with these handmade soy candles. There are five Valentine's Day-themed candles to choose from with scents like Sandalwood Suede uoy and Cucumber Green Tea. Besides their heavenly scent, the wooden wicks crackle when burnt so you can feel like you're cuddling in front of a roaring fire instead of huddling in your drafty apartment. 

Fiamma Wooden Wick Soy Candles

8. Red Grande Earrings $38 

I couldn't help including a present from Darling Marcelle. #sorrynotsorry These statement earrings are perfect for the honey who loves to be creative with style. Big, bold, but surprisingly lightweight, these earrings are bestsellers and sure to delight the discerning fashionista. 

Grande Red Statement Earrings


9. Heart Hoop Earrings $40+

Another jewelry gift option for the fashionably inclined are these adorable heart hoops by Tiffany Anne Jewelry. Handmade in Portland, these earrings come in two sizes and your choice of silver, gold and  rose gold. 

Heart Hoops 

10. Evgenia Lingerie $46+



For a traditional romantic gift, Lingerie by San Francisco-based Evgenia Lingerie is an impeccable choice. Handcrafted boudoir-wear inspired by sexy 50s pinups. Heart sleep masks are $46 and more risque wearables will set you back a bit more. For bedroom wear with more style per stitch than in an entire Victoria's Secret store, treat your honey (and yourself) to Evgenia. 

Heart Sleep Mask


11. Set of Handmade Oil Paints $79

A gift guide for artists would not be complete without a set of paints. These aren't your standard oil paints though - these highly pigmented oil paints literally glow in the dark! You will have their eyes lighting up when they imagine the glow of future paintings.  Highly pigmented and made in the USA, these paints will be a huge hit with the artist you love. 

 Glow in the dark oil paint

12. Bent Wood Art Vase $105

Design lovers rejoice - this "vase" turns an air plant into a work of art. This plant sculpture is made from wood that's been hand bent into a pleasing shape. It comes with an air plant nestled in its folds. Roses are literally sold at gas station around Valentine's Day - if you really want to delight your sweetie, bring them this work of art, which will last a whole lot longer than the week your roses will be around. 
Bent wood vase

13. Spa Essentials Gift Box $120

Give the gift of relaxation and smooth skin with this gift box of body care essentials by The Healing Place Apothecary. Most people have dry skin in the winter and these products will soothe and moisturize the skin and hair while relaxing the most tense person (I speak from experience) with subtle aromas. Plant-based products that are handmade in Oakland - this is a gift that your sweetheart is guaranteed to love. 
Spa Essentials Gift Box

14. Take a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Class Together $150 ($75/ person)

Experiences always make the best gift and this one is no exception.  You and your love will have a great time learning how to make icing and practicing your cookie decorating skills all while sipping mimosas and noshing on some light snacks. If you can't make it to this particular workshop, get the supplies and decorate your cookies Nailed It-style at home! 

Valentines Day Cookies

15. Nikki Couppee Ear Candy $150+

Now, if you've got a jewelry-loving style maven on your hands and you want to your prezzie to bring all the joy, go ahead and treat them to some very fancy ear candy. These Nikki Couppee Candy Drops earrings are to die for. Or at least, to-only-eat-ramen-for. These beauties are stunners and definitely perfect for creatively inclined jewelry fans. 

Candy Drops Earrings

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