Thirsty Fast Food Necklace

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Everyone’s a little bit thirsty, so why not just go with it and proclaim your thirsty self to the world? The Thirsty fast food necklace combines a love of food-themed accessories and making a little bit of fun of myself. Join me in self-mockery - or friend-mockery! Makes a great gift ;)


This fun food necklace was cast in resin and hand-painted , so no two necklaces are exactly alike.


⇒ The Thirsty drink cup pendant is about 4 inches from the top of the straw to the bottom of the cup and is about 1.5 inches wide.

⇒ The chain is about 18 inches long.

⇒ You may request a shorter or longer chain in the comments and I'll adjust to your specifications for no charge.


⇒ This handmade necklace will arrive packaged in a cute gift box.

⇒ Orders ship within 1 business day. Standard shipping is USPS First Class for international addresses.